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2022 CSA Membership

2022 CSA Membership
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$25/week of produce


Upon payment to join Roblar Farm’s 2022 CSA program, it is understood and agreed upon by both parties that should a total or partial crop loss occur due to any act of God or criminal activity, that Roblar Farm and its owners and assets will not be held responsible for such loss, and the shareholder(s) will not seek repayment for the loss of his/her share: nor will the shareholder(s) consider Roblar Farm and its entities responsible for such losses. In the event of a partial loss, Roblar Farm will do everything in its power to adjust the remaining portion of the share and assist the shareholder in getting his/her reasonable expected value of the remaining crop share.

Losses and perils include but are NOT limited to the following:

  • Fire/Lightning
  • Water/flood/Rain/Hail/Snow/Freeze/Frost/Drought
  • Wind damage
  • Blight/Insect damage/ Bird or animal damage
  • Vandalism/Criminal Activity
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